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The Years of 1882 Until 1908

In 1882 Joseph wrote in his diary...

"In the year 1875, when I came to London for the first time, I had already planned to establish my own business in London... Fate flavoured this plan of my youth, and today 15th August 1882, exactly ten years later, as it was on the same date that I left my paternal home for the first time, my name proudly shines on the door of my modest office at 16 Water Lane, first floor, room 35..."

Also in 1882, Joseph Flach acted as Agents for several European companies, but at a later date decided to hold stock and become Merchangts. He was joined by his eldest son James in 1902, who had spent time working in France and Germany to gain experience and learn the languages.

In 1908, after a short illness, the founder Joseph Flach, sadly passed away at the age of 51 years. At this point, another son, Gabriel gave up his job as an engineering apprentice to join the family business. James and Gabriel entered into Partnership when Gabriel turned 21.

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