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The Years of 1990 Until 2006
Ronald and Anthony Flach celebrated 50 years of working together in 1990. A celebration dinner was held at the George Hotel at Buckden, Cambridgeshire. Ginette Flach and Stephen Flach were appointed as company Directors.

In 1991, Anthony Flach retired from the firm and later resigned as Director on the 31st December. In 1995, Ronald announced his intention to retire on the 18th December of that year. Ronald had been with the firm for 55 years.

Today, the family firm that Joseph Flach founded, continues its business as Merchants. It is now the third and fourth generations of the Flachs who provide a high level of service ensuring that the special needs of the markets meet the high quality standards expected by our customers Worldwide.

The firm holds extensive stocks of Botanical raw materials, including Medicinal herbs, Culinary herbs, Gums, Spices, Flowers, Berries, Seeds and Peels, most of which can be supplied in either whole, cut, rubbed or powdered form. In more recent years, the range has been extended to include Pharmaceutical raw materials, Primary inorganic chemicals, Tinctures and Herbal extracts.

Throughout the years the firm has not only gained expertise but also contacts Worldwide and is able to offer an extensive range of products.

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